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lectures on fashion, beauty, health & more

From autumn 2018, Freund is offering a new series of events with inspiring workshops and lectures on topics that all have one goal in mind: live happier lives. Topics relating to family and work, fashion and beauty, health and psychology are conveyed by renowned speakers.   Prelude The start of the girlfriend's time-out is the seminar "Holistically Happy", which takes place on two dates: In the three-day seminar, experienced coaches hold exciting lectures and workshops on the topics of serenity and inner freedom, and give tips on fashion and beauty as well as nutrition. Among the speakers are the motivational speaker Antje Heimsoeth, the author Nicole Staudinger (“Stehaufqueen”) and the psychologist Ulrike Scheuermann. In addition to her work for television, presenter Anastasia Zampounidis is also a successful book author ("Forever Sugar Free"). She advises the participants on how to eat healthy and sugar-free. Concept Further seminars as part of t

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